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At just eighteen, Diana Gloster arrived in London with the hope ofrealizing her dream. Theyoung girl was finally able to overcome parental opposition, convincing her parents that she had enough ability to build a future in the world of music. The artist remembers that moment as one of the happiest of her life. Diana thus abandoned her studies in law to dedicate herself to this risky and tempting adventure.


Perhaps as a result of the loneliness of those first months in London, the young singer decided to unleash an incredible explosion of creativity that was housed inside her, a decision that would change her life forever. Camera in hand, and by her own financial means, she created a video blog, hosted on her own YouTube channel, ‘JustDlady’, achieving more than one hundred thousand subscribers in just a few months. The eclecticism of her videos - in which she shares her experiences, trips, ambitions, fashion trends  and a capella cover versions of songs by internationally-renowned artists soon allowed her channel to became a phenomenon upon the website.


Since childhood, Diana has lived immersed in an atmosphere of creativity that has predisposed her toward artistic expression, with her main points of reference coming from her maternal family. At just five years old, every time she visited her grandmother she performed and sang to the neighbors, surprising everyone with her sweetness, beauty and angelic voice.  It is at that early age that she also began to play the piano. She does not fondly recall her school years, with peers marginalizing her, seeing the talents that lay within her as something that made her different from others. But her marked personality and strong character allowed her to overcome the difficulties of her youth, with Diana not only becoming school president, but also beginning to prepare herself thoroughly for what, years later, would become a promising career in the music industry. Diana combined her studies with dance and music classes, taking every opportunity and proving herself to be the antithesis of uniformity.


In 2013, while studying music production at Ravensbourne College London, Diana undertook her first modeling work. Her spontaneity and her extraordinary photogenic qualities, present in the videos that she uploads to YouTube, brought her to the attention of the organizers of Top Model Worldwide, one of the most important international modeling competitions, where she was awarded first place.

The opportunities did not stop coming. Before long, Diana was able to combine her work as a model with her trips as a presenter on the internationalfashion channel Fashion ID, thanks to the artist’s video blog bringing her to the attention of the channel’s manager, with her spontaneity and striking beauty leading them to convene a first casting. Since its inception, thanks to the natural flow of the program, Diana becomes the most popular face of the channel. Thus she began her travels around the world, covering the most important Fashion Weeks across the globe.


In 2014, at the age of twenty, she premiered her first filmtitled‘The Cake’. Once again, herYouTube channel was responsible for her casting, drawing her to the attention of the film's director, who personally invited her for an audition.The young artist debuts with success on the big screen in one of the film’s leading roles.


But at the forefront of the young starlet’s mind were her huge desire to grow and her passion for music.  The singer left no stone unturned in her quest to build a future in themusic industry. In addition, to help her continue to compose her own songs, she attended singing, piano and dance classes in London with a number of prestigious teachers. After years knocking on countless doors, sending her covers to producers and record labels, she got her first big break. The German group, Respectable House, with over forty years of experience in entertainment, media and showbusiness, offered her a collaboration with the renowned producer, composer and arranger Onree Gill, known for his work with artists such as Alicia Keys, Britney Spears and Jennifer Hudson. Immersed in the production of her first album, with songs composed with the renowned New Yorker, and with guidance from Grammy Award-winning producers Prince Charles Alexander and Eddie Amador, Diana will launch her debut album ‘All or Nothing’ in Spring 2016. The LP includes her first single, 'Buona Sera', which fuses pop with Latin rhythms, and which has already begun to conquer the dancefloor, receiving a great reception from critics and audiences alike. On the album, she performs other songs including 'Burn Up!', 'Let the Music Rise' and 'Fire', with the final of these containing an amazing contribution from renowned American saxophonist Maceo Parker, genius of funk and soul, known for his work with music legends such as James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic and Ray Charles, as well as his more recent collaborations with artists including Red Hot Chili Peppers and Prince.


After years of hard work, Diana Gloster has managed to create a niche for herself within the music industry. She still resides in London, a city to which her parents and four sisters have recently moved. In the UK’s capitalshe continues her intense training, with legions of followers on YouTube who hold her up as a trend icon. With just twenty-two years of age, Diana Gloster has landed, and she is here to stay. Her debut album emanates a fresh and a special charisma that identify her as one of the emerging talents on the international music scene.

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